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Anti Social Behaviour

ASB can have a devastating effect on the quality of life of our residents and neighbours. Tinteán will not tolerate ASB and is committed to preventing and addressing ASB in our tenancies. We will investigate and endeavour to resolve all complaints of ASB made to us. In order to take effective action against people who cause ASB we need to receive reliable accounts from residents affected.

What constitutes anti-social behaviour?

The type of conduct that can constitute ASB includes:

  • Intimidation, threats
  • Racial harassment or other hate behaviour / bullying.
  • Actual violence against people.
  • Sale or supply of drugs.
  • Targeted vandalism, vandalism used to harass or intimidate.

What to do if you witness or experience ASB?

You should report it to the Gardai immediately and to Tinteán. When reporting an incident you must give details:

  • Date and time.
  • What happened.
  • Names and addresses of those involved.
  • When the incident was reported to Gardai.
  • When and if the Gardai responded.
  • Name of Gardai who attended the incident if possible.
  • Complaint Forms are available from the Tinteán office.
  • All such complaints are logged by Tinteán.
  • It is essential that all incidents are recorded and formally reported.
  • When complaints are substantiated a written warning will usually be issued to the person who was involved in ASB.
  • Tinteán will liaise with Gardai and other relevant bodies to ensure the situation is dealt with effectively.
  • If necessary Tinteán will take legal action against the perpetrator and repossess the dwelling.