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About Us


aboutIn 1991 a small group of volunteers from St Catherine’s Community Centre in Carlow attended a Community Development course in conjunction with St Patrick’s College Maynooth. During the course a number of needs were identified for the Carlow area, with housing identified as one of the key needs.

The following year, with support from the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH), Respond Housing Association and Carlow Local Authority Officials, the group worked to create Carlow Voluntary Housing Association Ltd., a voluntary housing body which would subsequently trade under the name of Tinteán.

Since it’s establishment thirty three years ago Tinteán has developed housing for low income families, single people, older people and people with disabilities in Carlow Town and County. Delta provides the care and support services to people with disabilities living in Tinteán accommodation in the community.

Tinteán comes from the Irish seanfhocail or saying, ‘nīl aon tinteán mar do thinteán fėin’ which means ‘ there’s no fireside like your own fireside’ – there is no place like home! The fireside are at the heart of the Irish home and Tinteán recognises that quality housing is at the heart of creating sustainable communities.

Tinteán currently provide one hundred and seventy units of accommodation with further proposed projects at various stages from construction to feasibility.
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Vision, Mission, Values

Tinteán’s Mission
‘A not for profit organisation helping to build homes for people’.
This reflects Tinteán’s core mission and ethos, helping to provide housing to people who are vulnerable or are on low incomes. Tinteán provide the housing and the tenants provide the sense of community in all the schemes. The high quality of accommodation that Tinteán provides can be evidenced in the accommodation provided over the last twenty one years.

Tinteán is an Approved Housing Body registered with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH) and is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH).

As an AHB we are subject to regulation by the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority (AHBRA) and by the Charities Regulator.

We subscribe to the codes and standards as laid down by AHBRA and the Charities Regulator.
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How We Are Funded

Tinteán raised seed capital for the organisation by participating in the Eire Og draw in 1993/1994. This successful draw enabled Tinteán to raise £17,788, which helped the idea of homes for people become a reality. In the light of today’s costs this amount seems small, but it was the starting point for what Tinteán is today.

The funding for Tinteán up to now has come via Carlow County Council from two schemes administered by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government.
They are:

  1. Capital Assistance Scheme
  2. Capital Loan and Subsidy Scheme

Through these schemes and support from the local community Tinteán continues to assist in the provision of social housing in County Carlow.
This funding model has now changed and we will operate in a much more challenging environment.

Tinteán is affiliated to the Irish Council for Social Housing and the County Carlow Community Network.
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How to be nominated

When one of our homes becomes vacant we contact the local authority in that area and request nominations from their housing waiting list. We then work in partnership with the local authority to allocate the home that best suits the applicant’s needs.

People seeking housing must first be approved by the local authority as needing Social Housing Support (i.e. they must be on a local authority waiting list).

To find out more about the application process please contact your Local Authority.

Once we receive the Local Authority nomination, we contact the nominated applicant/s and provide them with our Housing Application Form.

Applicant/s must sign and return the application form, provide the required references and supporting documentation.

An interview will then be arranged with the applicant/s in their current home, where appropriate.

Successful applicants will receive formal notification of an offer of a home , together with their Tenancy Documentation and official confirmation of their means assessed rent needs (i.e. the approved and agreed rent to be paid by the applicant/s).

All new tenants must attend a pre-tenancy training course.

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Tinteán has long been recognised as a model of best practice in the Voluntary Housing Sector.
Former Chairperson Eileen Brophy was awarded Board Member of the Year 2007 by the Irish Council for Social Housing in recognition of outstanding service.
Former Tinteán Treasurer Frank Comerford was also recognised in 2013 with the Board Member of the Year Award by the ICSH recognising Frank’s outstanding service.
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